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1st water restoration for homeowner

Residential Water Damage Restoration


More Than A Water Damage Restoration Service

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Cleanup Services was recently called in by a desperate homeowner in Chicago. The customer was out of town spending some time in their second residence when the water supply line to the toilet burst in the second floor bathroom in the primary Chicago residence. The supply line remained running at high pressure for about seven to ten days with no one home. As a result, the home had suffered a high level of water damage. Ms. Calhoun was very stressed when she called ServiceMaster Fire & Water Cleanup Services and explained the water damage emergency. The office scheduler informed Ms. Calhoun that the Project Manager would arrive on site within the hour to assess the damage. The ceilings in the living room (double layered with insulation) had completely collapsed all over the customer's contents.


To properly secure the salvageable items for the owners and inventory the damaged items for Ms. Calhoun when she was present.


We documented with photos of all damaged items for Ms. Calhoun to look through before we dispose off them and stored salvageable belongings in a temperature secured warehouse.


Step 1: Content Saving & Removal

As soon as the building materials were cleared away, the crew set up a considerable number of air mover fans and dehumidifiers to begin drying out the home. Several air filtration devices were set up to clean and filter the air in the home because there was a considerable amount of dust rom the collapsed ceilings.

Step 2: Wall Inspections & Removal

After setting up the drying equipment and removing the damaged fallen ceiling and content, the crew quickly began gutting all the walls, baseboard, molding and remaining ceilings in the living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, stairway, bathroom, HVAC room, and the wet bar area. All of the walls in these rooms were completely damaged and in need of full replacement.

Step 3: Dry Inspection

The next step in the water damage restoration was to make sure the home was dry before a contractor was hired by the customer to begin the reconstruction work. Pete visited the home daily to check on how the drying was progressing and communicated with the insurance adjuster and homeowner. By day 5, Pete deemed the home dry, documented this, took final photographs and scheduled a final walk through meeting with the customer.


On day 5, Pete completed a final walkthrough with Ms. Calhoun and she was totally satisfied with the amount of work accomplished by ServiceMaster Fire And Water Cleanup Services crew to restore her home after such a horrible water damage. Pete let the insurance know that the water damage restoration work was completed. Ms. Calhoun signed off on the job documents with a Certificate of Satisfaction so payment could be issued by the insurance company. The next step was for Ms. Calhoun to choose a residential building contractor to rebuild the walls, ceilings, baseboards, molding, paint the new walls, install new light fixtures and all new hardwood flooring.

ServiceMaster Fire And Water Cleanup Services is an IICRC certified firm and a family-owned business serving Chicago. ServiceMaster Fire And Water Cleanup Services provides disaster restoration services including Water & Flood Damage Restoration, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, and COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Services, to residential and commercial customers residing in Chicago. For more information, please give us a call at 773-376-1110 or visit servicemasterbysimons.com.



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