The 3 Warning Signs Of A Pipe Burst In Your Chicago Home

the 3 warning signs of a pipe burst in Chicago

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Written By Nasutsa Mabwa

Many times a burst plumbing problem is noticeable, like when it’s raining from the ceiling or a small river begins flowing from under your bathroom door. But sometimes, broken or damaged water pipes aren’t that obvious in your Chicagoland home or business. But they may still let you know there’s a problem if you pay attention to the warning signs.

By doing so, you can tackle the problem in its infancy and avoid the destruction and pricey repairs that are sometimes associated with water damage. So, here are three signs we here at ServiceMaster Restoration have learned to watch out for:

3 Signs of a Burst Pipe

1. Strange Sounds

Do you ever notice a whistling sound in your Chicagoland home? You’re not doing it, no one else in the house is doing it and unfamiliar dogs are showing up at your door? Well, whistling or whining also happens when plumbing pipes get dented. The sound starts when water is no longer capable of flowing freely through a pipe. This problem intensifies water pressure and can eventually cause a pipe to burst.Those sounds may also be the sign of a broken down pressure-reducing valve. Without being replaced, it could cause burst pipes, overflows, water pipe damage, and other problems over time.

2. Putrid Smells

Another sign of a broken pipe is odd or horrible odors. A common origin of these smells emanates from a p-trap. The p-trap is the U-shaped pipe under your sink or toilet that retains a small amount of water that acts as a preventative seal that keeps sewer gases from discharging into your home.

If a break causes that water to seep out of the p-trap, then you will smell the odor of sewage in your Chicago area home.Likewise, when pipes burst or get clogged, sewage can’t flow through the plumbing system properly. You must call ServiceMaster to deal with these problems promptly as sewage can pose a considerable health risk to your family and pets.

3. Uncommon Sights

Are you blaming puddles in your home on your pets or kids? That may be one answer. But if they continually appear, particularly in the same area, then that could be a sign of water pipe damage needing water damage restorationAnother strange (and frightening) sight that may indicate broken pipe damage is an unusually high water bill. Elevated usage could be triggered by leaky toilets, faucets, or plumbing. Or the problem may be that an underground pipe feeding water from your meter to your home has developed a crack or a loose joint. This issue can be produced by aged pipes, seismic activity, tree roots, or animal actions.


Burst water pipe damage isn’t unusual and can typically be quickly and easily fixed by a professional. But don’t put it off. The longer you do, the more water pipe damage will be created and the more expensive it’ll be to repair. If you suspect you have broken pipes in your Chicagoland home or business, contact the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster. We’ll perform all burst pipe restoration, clean and dry your property, and restore your property to pre-water-loss condition.

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