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Insurance Fire Claim: Chicago

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration


More Than A Fire Damage Restoration Service

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons received a call from a 30,000 SF manufacturing company in Chicago contracted by the federal government to make specialized machine parts. The specialty machine parts production process requires a finishing acid bath and numerous vats of sulphuric acid as part of the operations/assembly line. Unfortunately, one of the vats of acid caught on fire. The factory had foil back insulation installed in the ceiling for the fire safety prevention except the insulation already passed its useful life.

As the Acid vat fire spread, the the flames rose approximately twenty feet upwards, igniting the ceiling insulation, and ended up spreading throughout 90% of the warehouse's ceiling insulation.


Devising a plan for ServiceMaster to work around employees so the company can remain in production.


serviceMaster needed to work around the dangerous machinery to minimize downtime and provided an exact estimate for the insurance company.

Our Fire & Smoke Remediation Process

Step 1: Restoration

Once the warehouse machines were properly zoned off, the technicians began to remove the damages insulation from the ceiling. After all insulation removal, the technicians inspected the ceiling's integrity and made all necessary adjustments and repairs.

Step 2: Rebuild

After all insulation removal, the technicians inspected the ceiling's integrity and made all necessary adjustments and repairs.

Step 3: Restore

As a result of the fire, some of the machines and work area surfaces were very dirty with heavy black soot. The technicians hand wiped all areas to remove soot and dirt with a special fire & smoke restoration cleaning and deodorizing solution.

ServiceMaster Fire And Water Cleanup Services is an IICRC certified firm and a family-owned business serving Chicago. ServiceMaster Fire And Water Cleanup Services provides disaster restoration services including Water & Flood Damage Restoration, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, and COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Services, to residential and commercial customers residing in Chicago. For more information, please give us a call at 773-376-1110 or visit



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