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Everything You Should Know About Mold

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How Much Mold Removal Costs?

What Does Mold Removal Include?

Should You Remove Mold Yourself?

Is Mold Removal Covered By Insurance?



How Much Mold Removal Costs?

Depending on certain situations, prices can range from:

  • $400 - $5,000 in crawlspaces
  • $1,800 - $6,500 to remove mold in larger crawl spaces, ducts, vents, walls, ceiling attics.
  • $7,000 - $30,000 for structural spreading.

What Does Mold Removal Include & How Long Does It Take?

Majority of homeowner's and commercial property owners have this come to mind right away and it is completely understandable. Mold damage is caused from water or moisture being trapped in a confined space for long periods of time. Thus, the removal takes time since the process must be planned properly. Also depending on the amount of spread and the structure the mold is on. For example mold can originate on walls, vents, ceiling, under sinks, and miscellaneous areas. Times may vary in since each structure requires unique attention to detail. Mold remediation can take several days.

Mold Removal Should Include:

  • Proper isolation of the area or room.
  • Remove water damaged contents.
  • Remove mold infested contents.
  • Removal of walls and structures if needed.
  • Disinfection and sanitation of contents contaminated.
  • Vacuuming the air with HEPA-filtration system.
  • Restore contents and rebuild structure if needed.

Should You Remove Mold Yourself?

Before we proceed with answering this question, it is best to hire a mold inspector or find someone with extensive knowledge who can guide you on the proper clean up solutions. If the cleanup options are do it yourself related, by all means take care of your mold spread quickly as possible. Talk with your professional mold advisor on the best cleaning tools you need. Beware of at home mold test kits as some are not detailed with the level of severity or point the direction in which area or structure needs most attention.

Is Mold Covered By Your Insurance?

he short term answer is most likely yes. How? If the emergent issue of water damage is covered by your policy. Due to emergency situations such as a pipe leak or burst that can result in overflow of water. Mold can grow relatively quickly from minor to large water leaks.
In cases when mold is not covered usually occurs when no immediate water damage signs are present. For example post flooding, sink leaks, or basement storm damage cleaned without proper sanitation can lead to mold growth.

We Hope This Answered Your Concerns
Whether you have small or large amounts of mold please contact us and we are happy to advise you on the remediation steps.



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