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How To File Insurance Claim For Water Damage

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What To Do Immediately?

The Claim Process

How Much Do Claim Costs?



What To Do Immediately, Here Are Tips To Consider

1. Don't throw away anything:

  • Keep everything secured and away from further harm. Document with photos the items, structures in the home, or anything else valuable that may be compromised.
  • Keep track of the receipts, credit card statements and bank statements to prove the value of these belongings.
  • 2. Don't start repairing the damage yourself:

2. Don't start repairing the damage yourself:

  • Document and take photos of the damage first and access what needs to be looked at. If water levels are only a few inches then you shouldn't have much to worry about. Unless no immediate action is taken by removing the water as soon as possible to prevent mold, you can develop a case where insurance will not cover your claim.

3. Call your insurance agent immediately:

  • Once you documented all the photos its best to call your agent of main insurance claim line to report the water damage.
  • Go over your insurance policy regardless if the damage is from sewer backup, storm related, burst pipe, or toilet overflow.
  • They may ask you to make a detailed list of the items damaged.

4. For moderate to severe water damage its best to call a restoration company and set an appointment promptly:

  • Insurance companies may say to wait for the adjustor to come out and inspect the damage. This can take 1 to 3 days.
  • In the meantime its best to have the restoration company inspect the flooded area to get a proper diagnosis of the remediation plan.
  • Restoration companies can go over your policy with you to see if the damage at hand will be covered.
  • Beware most companies tend to overpromise and remove fake damage without most homeowners knowing.
  • For homeowners it is important to request documentation for anything damaged in the house that the restoration company says needs fixed.

The Claims Process

1. The claims process:

  • The claims process:
  • From here on they have 15 days to approve or reject your claim based on the evidence.
  • Once approved they will notify you and provide a "actual cash value" or "replacement cost" coverage for the damage.
  • You as the homeowner will be responsible to pay for the deductible out of pocket.
  • Lastly they give you the option to select a contractor or they can provide one for you based on their vendors list.

2. If your claim was denied:

  • First its always best to have representation from a reputable restoration company on your side as an advocate.
  • Review the reasons for the denial with a reputable insurance company and have them assess the damage.
  • Appeal for a second claim with the restoration company talking for you on your behalf.
  • Also consider hiring a 3rd party independent adjustor for meeting with the insurance company.



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