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How Much Does Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Cost?

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The Average Costs

What's Not Covered?

Factors Including Cost

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The Average Costs Of Fire Restoration

Claims paid out of pocket by the homeowner or renter can range from $500 to a few thousand dollars. This all depends on the policy agreement set in the beginning of coverage and once your claim is approved.

For example, if the total fire damage costs $100,000 for replacement, which can be covered by insurance and your deductible is $1,000, then;

You Pay: $1000
Insurance Pays: $90,000
Total Replacement $100,000

Note the actual cost is determined by the policy to restore the property by using actual cash value or replacement cost.

What's Not Covered?

We recommend calling your insurance agent as soon as possible and go over your policy before proceeding. Homeowner and renter policies may vary with coverage. Here is a list of common perils not covered:

  1. Short circuiting.
  2. Spontaneous combustion.
  3. Burning a property by order.
  4. Non domestic boilers.
  5. Warlike operations.
  6. Worn down structures

Factors Including Cost

1. Water Damage Removal:

  • Has the fire been extinguished with water? Depending on the amount of water present, removal and mitigation will be a time consuming task.
  • Properties with water present contributes to the possibility of mold growth and removal.

2. Soot Removal:

  • The longer soot remains on structures it becomes difficult to remove.
  • Soot can be formed in dust or grease-like on walls or anywhere on the premises.
  • Due to the composition of the soot as it can be acidic, professional removal services are needed to handle the remediation process.

3. Smoke Removal:

  • Smoke is guaranteed to remain in the property unless treated for.
  • Odors develop and create a hazardous atmosphere that requires professional attention.
  • Fogging and ozone treatments take place once the soot and other content cleanings have taken place.

4. Fire Rebuild & Reconstruction:

  • After assessing the actual damage to the property, it is time to remove the compromised structures.
  • Walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry, carpets, stairs, and other structures in the home must be replaced.

5. Cleaning & Cleanup:

  • HVAC systems must be cleaned to prevent soot & smoke spread back into the property.
  • Personal belongings of what can be saved will be deep cleaned and restored.
  • Furniture and upholstery that suffered smoke damage can be properly cleaned and sanitized.

What to do immediately?

  1. Contact your insurance agent to go over your coverage.
  2. Contact a reputable restoration company that is not pushy and build trust before they assist you with the claim and document the damage.
  3. Establish a date when the adjustor will take a look at the damage.



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